Fall boots are too broken

Fall boots are too overpowered even if u fall from like the max hight till the bottmon u dont take damage thats just too broken

and yes I agree.
though if you think about it they can make the price higher or damage reduction to like some percent.
but that would add rng to tw that I don’t need.

Like 5 emeralds
And u take like 40-50% of the damage

There’s not really much heights to treasure wars and the boots are golden which is kinda bad. So I think this is very balanced unless you’re a camper or something

If u wanna change this you can tag this post to #suggestions, oh wait don’t! there’s already a suggestion for it. You can use the search :mag: icon to find it and vote for it!

i think its perffectly fine considering its not the cheapest and it also sacrifices an armour piece

but u can equip the other armour piece when ur on the ground. its broken. i don’t think i will ever buy it