Fairy Godmother

Grant the wish of the person who commented before you, but put an evil twist on how you grant it. Then, state a wish yourself.

As usual, follow all forum rules. Please wait until someone else has posted before posting again.
I’ll start the first two as an example:

-I wish my friends would just chill out.

-Granted. Your friends are now frozen in ice.
-I wish I didn’t have to go to school anymore.


-Granted. You can also no longer write and read

I wish I could change my size whenever I want

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-Granted, but you can only increase your size and by 20 pounds (~10 kilos) each time.
-I wish my dog loved me more.

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-Granted, he will be so attached to you he wouldn’t leave you alone anywhere you are, and would die if he isn’t in 100m radius of you.

I wish I could be as good as Technoblade at minecraft pvp

-Granted, but you have to practice every day for eight hours to keep the skill level constant.

I wish to have eternal youth.

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Granted, but you’re stuck at 8 years old

I wish I could teleport

Granted, but you can only teleport once every 100 years.
I wish that i had a better phone

-Granted, but it cost you all the money your family currently has.

-I wish for unlimited wishes

Granted, but the wishes are fake.
I wish for a pizza

Granted. You are a topping on the pizza and Sir eats it

-I wish to get 1 Million subscribers on youtube

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Granted - but it takes the rest of your life to get them.
I wish to win 10mil from the lottery

-Granted, A 10 million $1 prize tickets suddenly appear above you and squish you.

I wish for nuclear war!

-Granted. The nuclei of all atoms/ions currently existing in the universe immediately declare war on Earth.

I wish for better set of headphones, preferably with a mic.


granted- but, they cost 1mil canadian dollars (ha) and they break as soon as they are but in your ears.

I wish for a better mouse

-granted, you have a pet mouse now

I wish for waluigi in smash bros


Granted, but you can only play super smash 10 minutes a day

I wish for a gaming laptop

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Granted. But you can only play fortnite on it.

I wish to create speeds faster than light

Granted. Wait where did @BlueSlimeMC go?

I wish for fresh oxygen to breath into my nostrils.


Granted, but it’s pure oxygen.

I wish for a DeathRun content update on the Hive Bedrock Minecraft server.

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Granted, but it only adds a new map

I wish for a Minecraft cave update

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