Facts About the Forums You Probably Didn't Know

Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about the forums. More experienced forumers may know these, but you might not, can’t really guarantee anything

  1. You can unpin a topic, just click on the topic, then click on the pin by the topic name.




  1. The topic, Predict the next person!, has the most replies of any topic on the forums, with almost 40,000 replies

  1. The most liked topic, Let’s Make This Egg The Most Liked Forum Post, has the most likes for a topic, with almost 250 likes.

  1. kaiurii was the first user to visit the forums for 1,000 days (as of writing this, currently at 1,122), while BlueSlimeMC achieved it shorty after. Many users like RaliusRxlZ, Ptitjoueur123, and Splodg3r are close as well.

  1. The topic, Remove the respiration helmet and replace it with a useful enchant, is the most voted topic, with 257 votes. This topic, as well as Change Sharp 2 Iron to Sharp 1 Diamond (second most voted with 210 votes), have both been accepted, meaning there could be a topic to take their places soon.

  1. HudsonDog69 has the most read replies, recently taking over EnchantedUwU’s spot, the first person to reach 200,000 read replies.

I’ll slowly be adding more, suggest some if you want.


Maybe add that IhatrMC is the coolest forumer

Anyway, this is a cool list.

I never realized that kaiurii got a 4 digit login stream before BlueSlimeMc.

Maybe add Pizza’s egg, which was the most liked reply
Also the topic with most likes received (adding up all of the replies), which I believe is LOTPW, with 42k likes.