Extended API informations

I suggest adding new informations to the API, like unlocked cosmetics in the locker. Im especially interested, if you might would add the exact playername and their rank.

Add a /v0/player/profile/{player} route with following key/values

    „UUID“: „00000000-0000-0000-0000000000“
    „name“: „kejax05“,
    „hive+“: true,
    „unlocked_cosmetics“:[list with unlocked cosmetics as string],
    „unlocked_hub_titles“: [list with unlocked hub titles],
    „current_hub_title“: „hub title“,
    „last_played“: „wars“,
    „login_streak“: 1,
    „last_login“: timestamp

Add a /v0/player/last route with following returning

#stats of their last played game, like the game routes, but only the last 50 played games
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Please can you give more information about what your suggesting?

So some of us have a better thought of this c:

Edited my suggestion

Yes, but instead of (“hive+”: true) I would change it to (“rank”: plus, streamer, hive, yt…)

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Yep! Makes it more simple!

Yes, I forgot, that they got a streamer rank, etc.