Events and texture packs

Monthly events and texture packs

Maybe we could get monthly events for free rewards and add a texture pack so we dont have to relog alot

Monthly events as in were you have to find items around the hub

I’m not sure if you have a texture pack on bedrock/pocket edition you dont so can you add them

what do u mean?

you need to elaborate more please

Welcome to the forums. You have a lot of grammar issues and should work on that in future posts. On your next post try to read it over and check for spelling and grammar issues. Overall this is a solid idea. It’s a great idea to be able to give players that can’t get texture packs, texture packs. I have used many YouTube tutorials to get a pvp pack on Xbox and that took a while. As long as I’m able to turn off the monthly pvp pack that they put then this is perfect. Having monthly events will definitely bring the Hive community together. This is a good idea you just have to work on the spelling. Also make sure to vote for your own idea. :wink:

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don’t straight up say “your grammar should be fixed” to a new user lol

And yes please elaborate what you want to say, adding a texture pack?

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