Equip costume if you click the Weekly Costume NPC

(Note, this would only equip it if you had bought it

So basically, this is the idea: I think it would be a cool feature to have it equip the weekly costume when/if you click it)

Im gonna be honest. Atm it feels like the weekly costumes are a way to promote the costumes. Thats fine: It helps the server and helps show off possible new costumes.

If you could equip them quickly however, it would add another purpose. Your friends might be wearing the costume, and you would want to quickly equip it in the hub. It could be a screenie that people won’t wait around for.

Thanks for reading my small suggestion, and I hope people will agree with me :slight_smile:

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That would be a cool little detail!


I agree with you. I think they should also tell you how to equip a costume when you get it because the first time I ever got a costume I thought I did it wrong because I had no idea I even got it. I found it in my unlocks a month later LOL.