Ender Pearls NEED to be fixed

Ender pearls are great, don’t get me wrong but the actual distance you travell is greatly reduced. They travel through the air like an arrow, but they should be in their own trajectory right? They are just too slow and too short to be used in a pvp/rush/getaway.I recommend increasing the distance of the pearl, or reducing the damage it takes on you.


I agree. I’ve tried to e-pearl to a base from the middle, and I hit the side of the base and fell to my death (treasure was gone…).

Yeah 2 hearts is a lot, and the distance is kinda short, making it like vanilla would be easier

I never seen anybody else with issues like this, I’ve E-Pearled far distances before (before I left (not really, just on break from stuff and life for…some reasons…)) but really just aim it higher, two hearts is a lot yes but don’t forget how far your traveling from said E-Pearl , if you land it correctly.

Ender pearls are only 3 emeralds.

Yea but the distance they give you is really short and take a long time to travel.

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What I think they are trying to achieve here with these is to make a cheap and decent item here, I think they should stay as they are, or they could make the pearls like Hypixel but raise the price to 8 emeralds.

I agree, but 8 emeralds is a little pricey, maybe 6?

nah, emerald gens take like no time to generate and if fall damage is heavily reduced it will be worth it.

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