Emergency! - Forum Game ⚠

From Hecker

How to get pink glitch?

By playing a lot of mc and getting a headache!

How do I make Mac n’ cheese?

Eat the cheese

How to make everyone that posted here subscribe to me?
(Psycho gamer 4327 if you were wondering)

By subscribing to ME Donald trump farts during speech - YouTube click it.

E, how do I do E

Oh no! I’m stuck with Rick Astley and Tom Hanks in the Backrooms! What should we do?

Please don’t promote your channel here
You can do so here

The creatures in the Backrooms know what to do with you all
I got my foot stuck between two logs. What do I do?

Nothing cuz I died in backrooms, I’m a ghost so I couldn’t help you.

Help! My soul is turning into a genie what should I do?

Grant a wish to turn into a burrito.

I clicked on google what do I do?

Type in " forums.playhive.com " :slight_smile:
My internet has gone out lol what to do?

Go to NASA, and connect your home to their Satellite Towers (Or whatever they are called).

Help! I timed traveled back 2,000 Years ago in Israel, and now the CyberTimeTravel Police Force is after me! What should I do?

Ik im replying twice but bare with me :-:
Travel before the CyberTimeTravel Police Force established and work under them (or become the boss/leader)
Oh no our table its broken :broken_heart:

Buy a new one

Help! Im on 1% what do i do

Charge your device…

Help play height is killing me and I have no blocks

jump and hope u clutch

U get a 1 month ban for teaming what do you do