Emergency! - Forum Game ⚠

:warning: IT’S AN EMERGENCY! :warning:

Hello, today I bring a game to the forums! I play this game with my friends when we’re bored, or when we’re doing something that doesn’t need a lot of concentration, like playing Murder Mystery.

How it works?

You need to come up with a crazy situation, for the comment below yours, come up with a solution to solve it! In that same message that you created your crazy situation, you will also need to create a solution for the user situation above your comment, obviously.

It’s easy, isn’t it? :smile:

Just some rules to keep the game organized! :handshake:

  • Try not to stray too far from the conversation. As crazy as the situations are, try to come up with answers that make sense with the situation. They can be crazy too, just avoid answering something totally different than the one asked :grinning:
  • Avoid chatting in the middle of posts! This can make the game a little disorganized and spammy :speech_balloon:
  • Finally, follow the forum rules, of course! :blobheart:

I hope you have fun with it and get creative with the answers!

I start: I’m trapped inside a vacuum cleaner, inside a safe. What do I do!?!??

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Uh get out?
Your the last play in your team and the last players are all lvl 75 what do you do?

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Block trap them.
I have no banana. What am I supposed to do?

Go to another tree (also trap them was correct)
I have no skill in sw how do i win?

I feel like this would get random and dumb situations like the banana one

Buy the best mouse on the planet that gives you 10 times your cps and is surprisingly allowed on the Hive

I am being swarmed by a million and one black widow spiders that are tying to kill me from every side, what do I do?!

Create a really cool dance right away, the spiders will get distracted because the dance was so cool.

My plane is going to crash on the moon!! What do I do!?

Scientific answer: not worry because lift can’t be generated in space, so the plane wouldn’t go anywhere

Actual answer: enable autopilot

My phone is about to die and I don’t have a charger or an outlet. What do I do?


I can’t find my house key, what do I do?

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You mold a house key with an anvil and some lava and create a key mold the exact same as your key hole on your front door.

I’m skydiving and my parachute is failing! What do I do?

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reverse gravity, get back on the plane and get a new parachute.

I tripped and can’t find my chocolate, what do I do?

You cry hysterically in front of everyone

I got sucked into The Hive Skywars fighting LvL 200 pros, what do I do?

get good?
or you could just download hacks
then get banned
and that means you don’t have to fight them anymore

im the assistant for an inexperienced magician, and he’s about to attempt to saw me in half
what do i do

Tell someone on the audience before the show to act like a Karen and cause a commotion so the show lasts longer. The theater owner will have to tell the magician that they’re closing down for the day and there won’t be time for sawing you in half

I come home after a long day to check my search history. Right after reading “Where to hide a corpse’, I heard the FBI in my door, but I didn’t do any crime. What do I do?!

Act normal, it’s ok, we’ve all done it, right?

I’m in a dark ally and In surrounded by thief’s, what do I do?

You become dream: Dream Gets Robbed... - YouTube

I am on a course to the sun traveling 19 lightyears a minute, what do I do.

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Enjoy the ride

I am a new forumer and I’m not sure if I should make a duplicate post or bump a three year old post. What do I do?

You try to do that and since you are a new forumer, no one will get angry on you

I accidentally killed my friend in Treasure wars after breaking his treasure
What do I do ?

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Replay it in the replay cinema ten thousand times and make a montage of his death!

I’m hungry what do I do?

Eat yourself. In addition to satisfying your hunger, you will never feel hungry again.

I parked my helicopter illegally, and the helicopter police are coming after me! How do i hide my helicopter?

Lovingly ask for the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak!

I was surrounded by 8.738 Australian boxers kangaroos and they are dying to hit me, what do I do!?