Emerald block jump boost delay

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):


What is the bug?

The part where you have to jump after standing on the emerald blocks is super slow it takes 4 seconds until it gives me the jump boost.

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There is probably nothing they can do, it’s to do with you connection


I have about 2 seconds to give me a jump boost effect. If you are given an effect within 4-5 seconds, then these are problems with ping. This does not apply to the server.


This should be in #server-bug-reports


I have moved your post and changed it to the correct format. In future, if you find a bug like this, please post it in the relevant section of the forums and report it in the correct way :slight_smile:


sorry idk how to use this yet, I just joined lol. thank you

Can you get a video of this occuring? Would help us work out if this is a server side issue, or a latency issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Trawling the forums looking for things to help with and here’s a video I have for you. I went to Asia for this video since I get the highest ping there. As far as I can tell, the delay happens when you run straight onto the Emerald blocks. When I jumped onto them, it seemed to give it me every time. I’m also not sure if it happens on all blocks or just the first set I tested on this particular map. If you need more testing, let me know.


Hey sorry for not replying earlier but just to inform you guys, it’s my connection that’s causing the delay. I learned this by playing a lot of death run matches. Sometimes it’s delayed, sometimes it isn’t. Hope this message is useful.