Easier to pick new cosmetics in locker


Make a new button in the side of the locker for newly received cosmetics/the newest ones.

More information:

Putting a button in the side of the locker, or maybe on the bottom. So u can equip the newest cosmetics fast and easily. I was thinking about: NEW! (Cosmetic name)

just scroll down
press the arrow key
or swipe

its really not that hard

idk if i even understood it right can you detail it?

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i’m not completely opposed to this but like xL1ghtning1729 said it’s not that hard to just scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select the new item.

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Correct, but as a high level its kind of easy to forget to equip them and as the countdown starts its hard to equip. (For final kill phrase its okay since there is not many kill phrases in the game.)