Duplicate Player breaking everything

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
I only really saw it with Treasure Wars because I just happened to encounter it but it might work on all modes

What is the bug?
Basically, I was able to join the server on my phone with the same xbox account as the one on my pc. The thing is that I was already online and playing on my pc. I then joined the Treasure Wars game through my friend’s party to see what would happen, and it broke stuff. For one my party said that my player was suddenly glitching in some way (they couldn’t really tell because it was only visible for a short amount of time). Then I died fighting a guy and the game spawned me on top of mid. I was invisible to everyone else but I was still able to damage them, but I couldn’t pick up items. (The game probably put me into a glitched spectator state)

Screenshots and/or video:

holy crap
(i guess that’s a crazy thing)

Yeah when you log in on 2 different accounts, the game goes crazy, you could also theoretically boost this way

We have deployed a fix which should solve this issue. If you continue to see this issue occuring, please create a new report :slight_smile: