Dupe Enchanted Armor

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The game Skywars

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So it could just be me seeing things, but I swear I’ve seen this several times during gameplay.
You get a piece of armor, like a diamond helmet for example, with no enchantments and you put it on. Later on, from either mining emerald ore or going to the middle island, you pick up an enchanted diamond helmet, put it into your hotbar, and (for pc players at least) you right click the armor to wear it. However, it also applies the enchantment to the armor that wasn’t enchanted before, so you essentially dupe enchanted armor. As far as I know this only occurs with the same type of armor, like you can’t just use this bug to take the enchantment from an iron helmet onto a diamond one.
It seems very minor but I can see this potentially being used when playing in teams.

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Hey there :wave:

Thank you for submitting a bug report. This issue has been patched and is currently being rolled out :+1: