Don't get nice reply badge in screenshot with forummers (hudsondog59 idea)

(If I’m correct you don’t get nice reply in off topic forums game)
Could move thread to #off-topic forums game

Credit to: @hudsondog59

This is a great idea and I thought why not make it a suggestion

Alll credit goes to hudson tho : D




This probably isn’t suggestion worthy and could have been done by flagging the topic, asking to move it to #off-topic:forum-games

Remember :face_with_monocle: to vote :raising_hand_woman: for your own suggestion :grin: :grin:

Yw!!! (:

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pretty sure it doesn’t have the option to flag it
presumably because it was posted by staff?

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imo this should apply to all off topic threads lol

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right, forgot about that

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offtopic discussions can occasionally have interesting topics and conversations imo, but this thread in particular is just a game at this point.
spot the forumer!!1


I mean, some off topic threads have actual discussion in them


I have moved the thread to the forum games category :+1:

I would like to point out, however, that the forums are not a “game” where collecting the most points/badges is the aim. At the end of the day, such badges/likes/ratings really do not matter, and certainly shouldn’t be treated like in-game stats :slightly_smiling_face: