Don't box the map with barrier



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Builders did a great job on making on the maps, it would be awesome if spectators can just fly around and see what the builders built. (For example maps like Metropolis, Village and Toys all have the same issue)

If they remove the barriers then people may be able to leap out of the map. I like the idea to allow spectators view the whole map, but I think spectators should be able to phase through walls instead of having to removing them.


That’s a better idea!

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When the Hive drops support for 1.18, they will have the option to implement vanilla spectator mode. Perhaps they will use this, or perhaps not. If they did, however, you would be able to phase through walls :slight_smile:


If they remove the barrier though you can use the instant leap settings to go out in custom servers, people already can’t leap out of the map if the hole is blocked by the barrier, there really isn’t a need to block the entire celling

Spectator mode would be nice, but I don’t have no hope in microsoft getting that feature working in like 1 year tbh

FYI, Minecraft has already released Spectator Mode, it would just be a matter of the Hive using it. However, Hive Replay Cinema already has a Spectator-like mode that is done with a mod instead.

Jump Boost is also a problem with removing ceilings. You can go very high with Jump Boost in certain areas, and I’ve touched the ceiling in a normal game before!

All that said, I don’t think the Hive will change their maps for the convenience of spectators. But, maybe they could add the ability for spectators to toggle Spectator Mode, similar to how it is done in Replay Cinema. Feel free to suggest this if you want!