Don't Add In-Game Rewards for the Forums

I don’t think we should have in-game rewards for the forums. If there’s rewards for achieving the Regular badge, or gaining x amount of likes, this would encourage post-farming or creating alt accounts to grant likes. Also, if this is advertised in-game through MailBot, a lot of users under the age of 13 would join, hoping for rewards. Overall, this just seems like it would encourage a lot of rule breaking. The forums should be a place where we can share ideas and discuss all things Hive, not where you come if you want the latest hub title.

or just add this Add a one day cooldown for new users

obv we could make it a longer cooldown but im 50/50 on this


I mean, I think the ingame rewards are fine, as it seems like it’s just going to be for joining, so postfarming won’t be an issue. But We would need uni’s idea for sure


I agree with this, some sort of cosmetic for joining and a hub title or something would be fine, but when the hive tried giving people mee6 levels the chats were just filled with spam and opportunists. The rewards can’t be good enough for people to join purely because of them


I think regular should stay but overall I sort of agree with you

Ngl i came here cause i was on a car ride and i was really bored. I never planned on staying here
Welp. I’d still like rewards

I’m confused, did they announce that they would be adding in game rewards for forums achievements somewhere?

they mentioned just a hub title, but we also could get more than that in the future


Closed at the request of the OP. :slight_smile: