Donor Board in the Hub

Donor board in the hub

Visible donor board in the hub near spawn where you can see the top 10 most recent donations to the server, and the top 10 highest donations to the server

Many people suggested having a donator rank, but that is the same as Hive+. I suggest having a donor board, to encourage players to donate to the server. This donator board doesn’t have to be what I suggested, it can be just the most recent donation. I have seen many different servers that have this.

I’m suggesting new things frequently, so please add what you think ive missed or what you think!

Not many people saw my last suggestion, so please check that out here if you want. Thanks.

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so like

every time someone buys a booster, costume, or hive+ their name will show up on the board, for what, like 5 seconds? i don’t really see the point of this

Buying hive+ or any booster doesn’t count at all. It’s just pure donations.

There are players who donate to the server for the sake of donating. They were originally suggested a donor rank, but that was too much like hive+, so I’m suggesting those people would be put on the donor board.

The donor board should be updated every 5 minutes

Sorry for missing that point