Don’t Fall! — New Hive Games

Don’t Fall! - New game statue put in the hub

Everyone reading this topic will probably be like “tHis iS a cOpy oF bLock dRop,” but that’s not what this is about. It HAS BDrop, but this is totally different.

Please read entire post please. Appreciate it.


I think that Block drop is more of a main-stream game than an arcade game. It shouldn’t go in the mixed arcade. It should go in the hub under a statue named, “Dont Fall.” or another similar name.

In this game mode, there will be a few game types involving not falling to the ground. This will include the following:
Block Drop, Shovel Spleef, Block Party, and more may be added! (Block Party was inspired from Hive Java) if you don’t know what that is,
Click Me

These are are popular game modes, they will probably boost the server, and they fit so well together! The thing is, these games CAN be under the same level system, as they can all use the same unlocks! In the original Block Drop LTM, the unlocks included Power up Skins, Trails, Death Messages, and Vault Effects.

—Shovel Spleef and Block Party both can use Vaults, so they can all use the Vault effects

—Shovel Spleef and Block Party both can use Death Messages. Yeah, we knew that.

—Shovel Spleef and Block Party both can use Powerups, so they can use the Powerup Skins. They can use Jump boost and speed, and in Spleef, you could have a powerp that gives you a few snowballs to eliminate people from far away or kill campers.

—Shovel Spleef and Block Party both can use Trails, obviously.


If this IS a good idea, I’ll leave the rest of the unlocks and game mechanics to the staff. Hopefully they can put a creative twist on it :grinning:

Please leave any constructive criticism you have, as I will be rolling out suggestions for the server frequently and there might be flaws. If you think this is bad, let me hear it!

I searched for this, and I found suggestions for Spleef and Block party, but I didn’t find anything similar to this, where they’re all in one game mode. Hope this isn’t considered a dupe! Thanks.