Does The Hive Bedrock Have Anti Cheat Bot?

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I just wanted to ask this question regarding the servers anti-cheat. I’ve recently been running into a hand full of hackers/cheaters on treasure wars lately, and started to wonder if The Hive bedrock server even has an anti-cheat system? If so, it doesn’t work because I don’t think I’ve gotten into a single game that kicked a hacker from the game, etc. I’ve tested throughout the day, and the ratio I’ve broken down of games with a hacker to games without hackers are roughly 4:7 ratio. which is well over 50% of the time sadly. If there is no anti-cheat system that I’m pretty sure there isn’t at the moment, when will it be added? And also does anyone know where I can report? I don’t normally have a problem with people using kill aura as I can just bow them to death in a small space, but when they have a combo of both fly hacks (which I’ve been seeing the most) and kill aura, they destroy everyone’s treasure within a 20 seconds and they usually end up winning roughly 40% - 90% of the time tbh if they play smart. Thanks for reading, and tell me everything I need to know.

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There is an anticheat, but it’s kinda bad, I haveseen hackers getting kicked, and I was also kicked by it a bunch of times, the hive is searching for some qualified person to help them work on the anticheat. A /report command is in the plans from what I’ve heard, but for now use their discord to report hackers here, and use it to chat with other players, get news, find people to play with and make new friends. If you don’t have discord or can’t figure out how to join the server or link it to your Minecraft account and stuff, send me a message on the forums.


Its a rare occurence but hackers can actually be kicked

But usually the sound barrier is past broken before that happens


It’s, “underdeveloped” to put it nicely
Like it does kick sometimes but I don’t think Infinite Aura and reach should work, just a crazy thought

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@AsianDyasnty699 there is this guide to the discord Hive Games Discord Guide