Does anybody know what this problem is?

EU server
I tried to play Treasure Wars, Sky Wars, and Block Party, and they all came up with the same error message so I am assuming that it does not matter which game I join, and that the error will occur whatever game I play

Kicked out of server and given an error message
I will join Hive, I will be able to play for a short time, before I am kicked and shown the dirt block patterned error screen with a large string of letters and numbers. I have joined multiple times, have restarted my computer. In fact, this error was happening yesterday, and so I just thought if I left it overnight to restart my computer, that it would no longer be an issue, it still was.

Asus Laptop
Windows 10 Home
Minecraft version 1.19.4

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Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Iā€™d assume this is occurring due to very high latency. To reduce the odds of this happening, you should take steps to improve your internet connection. Some good tips regarding this can be found here:

If it carries on occurring you can contact support below:

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