Do you like Knockback Nemo?

Are you pro Nemo or Anti Nemo?

Nemo <33
  • Anti Nemo
  • Pro Nemo

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Discuss why you have chosen your answer if you’d like :))
I’d love to hear community feedback regarding our beloved little enchanted fish

If you get Nemo on violet keep your going to win easily


I chose no.
That’s because it takes zero skill to only left click. You can swing it at your swag of 12 cps, but you can’t do the same thing with a normal sword? Why? That is the part where ‘using a nemo requires no skill’ comes in. Further, I’d go on to talk about the knockback being overpowered. Imagine a bridge. You walk over the bridge. You see that one mobile player who is in PC queues swinging a nemo.

The nemo meets you and you fly around 6 blocks in total. The only counter to this would be pearls and getting a decent combo. It isn’t as if everyone can lodge a combo on without the other person hitting them even once. I can’t. And the one time this person hits me is with a nemo, where the knockback completely takes out skill from the equation of pvp. Player vs Player


another strat is to build a wall behind you


It isn’t like you know the other man has a nemo. It’s after you are done with the fight that you realize walls would work. Imo it’s impractical


all depends if I’m the one with it haha. I get chased a lot in game because I have a ‘cool yellow name’ so its always night to combo and then hit them with nemo whilst in the air, so satisfying.


I mean using it is incredibly fun but getting an instance of where you have a perfectly normal fight and the opponent just whips a nemo out and bonks you off isn’t really enjoyable.

I usually just pearl out if I see they have a nemo.

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nemo is kawaii :3
an-and i love nemo, cuz it fish.


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nemo is god


Idk if anyone does this but if Im on map pillars and someone has nemo I just dig down 1 block. I have low ground advantage and he /she can’t knock me off.


No I don’t like nemo because I can’t use the damn thing

All praise Nemo

i dont like nemo but when i have it i like it

I might’ve considered joining the antis if it wasn’t so satisfying to go on a murder spree with a fish

isn’t that basically targetting in a nutshell

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Nemo is best

20 characters

i ever got 8 kills with nemo only
(not trapping)