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More excited for swarms or pets/mounts??

for me, definitely swarms

pets would be cool, but not groundbreaking

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If done right, pets could be cool. Just having a little animal following you about would be funny and cute.

But yeah, Im definitely more excited for swarms. Such a big update is hard to ignore, even if we’ve been waiting a year and a half


Alright I just found this out, if you hover over the like button it shows reactions. Is this new?

check #forum-announcements

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Thank you! :DD

splodger, will the reactions basically be the same as likes?

will they count towards stuff like nice reply

edit: he answered in the original topic. The answer: not yet



I was testing out the Aussie server and there was nobody in the hub and every game except hide and seek. When I went to hide and seek there was a player with tik Tok rank, blu3 pvps and some other person

4 including me

aussie server isnt on the region selection and the update is only posted on discord without the ip address hence why hardly anybody is on it

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The real reason is a lot more boring: it’s currently out of rotation so players aren’t automatically sent to it.


owo, this should be a badge itself getting replied by one of the owners lol


and also the fact that nz and aus are close time zones meaning people go to school near the same time


that ping do be looking hot tho


when it says 19K players, is that for Aussie region only or for whole of hive?

I liek to say Aussie region uwu

The whole of hive, since 20k would make senses if it was the whole hive server


Itzya, you’re doing a great job at updating this :+1:


Yeah, tysm <3

ik he is being sarcastic
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I think Australia region is down, is this the same for anyone else?

Hive Partner Changes

YouTube Creators (including those who stream on YouTube):

  • Have at least 5,000 subscribers.
  • Be consistently reaching an average of around 3,000+ views per video, within a couple of days of uploading them.
  • Ideally be regularly uploading content featuring Minecraft/The Hive.

:exclamation: Please note that for channels that consist of mainly YouTube Shorts, the above requirements do apply, but we will review these applications on a case by case basis.

Streamers (not including those who stream on YouTube):

  • Be consistently reaching an average of 60+ concurrent viewers, specifically for content featuring The Hive.
  • Have streamed for at least 20 hours within the last 30 days.
  • Ideally be regularly streaming content featuring Minecraft/The Hive.

TikTok Creators:

  • Have at least 20,000 followers.
  • Be consistently reaching an average of 10,000+ views per video.
  • Ideally be regularly uploading content featuring Minecraft/The Hive.


Good idea on hives end, hopefully by the time I start yt once my parents let me the requirements won’t be crazy lol

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Spelling Bot here… *Partner

Dammit why?

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