Discuss/Share your survival world's here

Basically what the title says…

Feel free to share pictures/updates of your survival worlds

(I searched, and I could find a duplicate)

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Hard mode always

With friends, always

Proceeds to brag world I haven’t played in 6 months on

Stuff u might wanna see

I got the old iron ore with no silk touch because it was from the old update lol

My base! Ik I’m not a good builder

Here’s the inside…

I have too many mines because I’m obsessed with diamonds lol


I’m going to start grinding a survival world one 1.18 drops


I’m going to put my Survival Decoys updates here now!


OmG DouBlE PoSt!

SurvivalDecoys Day 2

I got full diamond except for the helmet (I got an eight vain) and I’m grinding lava to go to the nether

Bruh on day two I’m still in half iron.

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He was probably just using xray…jk

I got really lucky

I am waiting on getting mending before making most diamonds supplies

In my survival world, I didn’t get mending until I had full netherite tools and 3/4 netherite armor.

It’s really hard for me to do something consistently for a long amount of time, but the last time I tried I had this super cool and big taiga village at spawn that was over a river too! It looked really nice

I’m not going to focus on enchantments until I have realy good loot

villager trading is very useful thoguh

True! I’m going to use that a lot when I want enchantments.
I’m going to make a store for enchantments!

are you on a realms or playing with friends?

No it’s going to be just decorational.

I wouldn’t want to be paying for something in a single player world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It took me 3 days to get max netherite (-mending) in my survival world.
But i abandoned it(the world) a few months ago

i think i deleted my survival world :sob: