Discord reporting system recommendation

Receive a Private Message from the bot when your report has been handled successfully or needs more evidence

I’ve seen discord users complaining of not knowing if their report is handled by a staff or not, although when the report is successful the bot edits the message from Thank you for the report, @User! A staff member will deal with it as soon as they can. to Thank you for the report, @User! Your report has been handled by a member of our staff. I understand why they were not aware of the status of their report. Maybe if the bot messages the user that their report is been successfully handled by a staff member would be more helpful for them to be aware of their reports, or if a report needs more evidence?

sorry to bump it but I was wondering if anyone can give me an opinion?

Might be nice, but can’t you just go into the reporting channel, find your report and see this message?

Many of the discord users don’t know this is a thing

I don’t use discord, but I will vote

Hmm I didn’t think of the people who have their messages off :c