Different from quests. New game Challanges


Similar to the quest master, there would be a Challenger. He would offer tasks that change the way you play a game.

Unlike Quests that reward you for playing the game normally, challenges would mean you have some sort of hinderance, or change to your strategy.
Examples of challenges would be “Win a game without buying items for emeralds”, “Win 1 game without any armour” , “Don’t die once” or “Win a game without buying wool” in Treasure Wars, “Win without standing still” in Hide and seek, “Win without using a Leap” in Death Run. Further more similar to quests there could be ones that are universal for all games. “Win a game whilst constantly crouching” could be a fun challenge and you’d get to choose what game you complete it in (Though you probably wouldn’t pick Death Run). These could give a new depth to games, as one player could recognise another player is going a specific challenge, and try to foil their plans, or maybe two teams are competing with the same Challenge. These could also be good for YouTube content.

More information:

The Challenger could be found next to the quest master at spawn, similarly he would take you to a currently unused house, where you can accept challenges and buy items. The reward for completing challenges could be their own Challenger Points (CP) or just quest points.

Quest points and challenger points could be combined and simply be called task points.

I feel there are a few quests that could be seen as challenges. But none that drastically change the way you play. And these could be fun activities to complete after playing the game normally.

this is a cool idea! it would definitely spice things up and another currency (CP) could be cool! what would you say you could buy with them? also would they be daily, and how many could you do a day (would that be different with or without Hive+)


This is cool!


and would you get these points from login streak?


So could you have a CP of all time and a balance when buying, and what would you buy Costumes? Boosters? Because that is to similar to QP. Perhaps xp for games or certain permissions and abilities. non-swarm custom matches forum badge and abilities, discord rank.

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I feel like the Hive+ shouldn’t help people get more CP, just because there are people who can’t afford Hive+. The Hive road map says they want to add pets / mounts as cosmetics, and although most of these would be purchasable with Minecoins, I feel one monthly pet / mount you can get with CP would be cool.


Well the road map says they want to add pets and mounts in the future. I’m sure most of these will be purchasable but like with quests there could be a monthly pet / mount. And with the log in streak, maybe alternate every 10 days whether you get 30 QP or 30 CP.

i think maybe not the alternation instead every 35 or something?

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I feel like every 35 days might be a big ask for some people. My personal log in bonus is 46, so I would have only gotten the reward once ever. Plus you have to remember that every 35 days would mean achieving it a maximum of around 10 times a year. That being said I can imagine no longer getting Quest Points every 10 days would be annoying for some people. so maybe you get a small selection menu every 10 days, and you can decide what type of points you want. You could also set a preference, incase you find the 10 day reminder annoying.