Did this happened to ya?

1 hour ago, a Russian logged into my Google account and got my password.

Also Google told me the app, that it was using is not Google. Let they catch this **tch.


That sucks.

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I didn’t actually ran into that problem before but dang I feel you…

Also, you can toggle on a “Security in 2 steps” option (which I don’t really remember if that’s the name) and if you have a phone or another device, you will be notified about it and you can confirm your login.

There’s another option that does makes the same thing except it says “Did you login in your Google account?” or something like that, then it shows the device it was on and you can respond “Yes, it was me” or “No, defend account”.

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aka 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)


I did that, but I still feel my account is not secured.

Make the most random password ever.

The only problem in this idea is I’ll will forgot it ever and then new and new…

BTW there is a translated version from Google.

  • We prevented a user from logging into your account using a non-Google application. If this person is not you, that person knows your password and you must change it immediately.

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