Did anyone else did this?

there was a time were i, in murder mystery TARGETED some people just because their skins, i remember every time i was a murderer i tried to play normally but with the exeption i targeted the person with that skin, after that i said: my life is complete, you can kill me.

i also did that as innocent and sherrif, sometimes i remember i preffered to kill that person over the murderer next to me :laughing:

You don’t have to post a topic every day you can post these in last one to post wins instead of a topic since your just gonna be filling up the forums with more topics
Last one to post wins
And also I have never done that

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Don’t do this on purpose.


It’s against the rules to ‘Intentionally target or harass players’ btw.


It makes the game very annoying when you target someone since I got targeted 2 times in deathrun before and it was annoying

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in those times i didn’t knew that

If you have nothing to contribute to the topic or have anything good to say then please don’t.

This comment isn’t directed towards the original topic / poster.

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