DIAMONDS! A long rant about the update

With the update incoming soon, there’s big meta changes incoming.

Iron armour has now been deemed FAR more useful, 32 diamonds was VERY tough to collect, but should be easy to either gather from 1 or 2 gens. I would recommend buying this, although its not quite as OP as diamond armour, it still lets you tank a decent amount, and you’d win any 1v1 with someone in chain. But the question stands, is it a more viable option to buy Gapples, Boom boxes or bows?

Although it is all up to opinion, bows have been nerfed, HEAVILY. In my opinion, unless you are a final kill then its not viable to buy bows. Iron armour is still more expensive than Gapples and boom boxes, with 12 diamonds you could buy either two gapples or three boom boxes. And although boom boxes are already considered very useful, I still feel that they are underated, when used correctly, you can launch suprise attacks aswell as run away. if you have armour that is weaker than another team, its very viable to buy boom boxes. But if you ever have 12 diamonds, I would generally recommend buying Iron armour. Gapples are useful when low health or at an armour disadvantage, pregapping provides 2 extra hearts but not regen, while eating a gap RIGHT before a fight is a risk, but is more worth it if you time it right. 2 hearts and regen still may not be enough to defeat your enemy, so gapples are less useful then boom boxes, but in my opinion Iron armour is still more worth it.

Please forgive my spelling errors, I would say english is not my first language but it is and I’m just not very good at it.

TLDR: in my opinion, Iron armour is best, boom boxes behind, and gapples third, with bows being very low in viability due to the cost changes and damage reduction.


block breaking tnt should be diamonds cough


This is very detailed. :0


lives are for losers anyway


dunno, they seem very overpowered, but with block breaking glass being so cheap now, it might just be balanced, but still, they can yeet entire defences, and destroy bridges, all with minimal effort. I think emeralds was a wise choice.

Glass is expensive tho lol. tnt is pretty useless when you don’t control mid. It should be gettable to everyone any point of the game. Tnt 5 diamonds glass 2 diamonds

Block breakers and glass should both be diamonds. Easy fix.


please. Also if you have glass over a block it doesn’t protect it :(. If you have seen a butterfly defense it protects 1 of the 2 layers of endstone and is really the only good 4s defense

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if your talking about Hypixel Butterfly defence, it is a rather good defence, but has legit no relavence to treasure, you would have to go to mid to afford the defense.

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fair enough, personally i still think it should be ems so mid is more worth going to.

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Mid is already SUPER worth going to.


Nah that would be stupid the only block that should ever cost ems would by obby but we already know that it’s not being added

In MY opinion, diamond armour isnt insanely op cus its just a bow shot or snowball or just a good hit on a bridge to kill them. We have different strats evidently, but I think its not 100% worth it just for dia.

What? When did diamond armor come into this.

you said mid was already super worth going to, i thought you were mentioning the op-ness of diamond armour

Well that is a big factor but I agree, diamond armor is not as OP as people say it is. I was referring to the Diamond Swords, the OP snowballs, the amazing enderpearls, and the tracking compass for late games.