Diamondboys very cursed Texture Pack!111!1!1!


the title is info

here version 1 mediafire link -----> uWu

have fun rekking ur brainz

also some sounds are replaced with my voice so voice reveal. Future versions will be reposted on this thread


How did you make your pack?


By hand

I used paint.net, winrar, notepad++ and the vanilla resources that you can download of mojangs website

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wOOh LEtS gO i’M dOwNLoADInG iT!!1!

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What is the most cursed thing?
(In your opinion)

This is a hard question
hmmmm all of it?

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petition to uncurse the texture pack!

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how about, no? /s

Disc 11 might have something up its sleeve, by the way. I mean, its already cursed, soo

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version 2 is out !


to update, delete old version and install new version.

i added songs on the music discs

this version had an error. I’m gonna fix it and change something, but its still version 2. please delete and download version 2 and replace it. thanks.

fix is out, download away

Also should probs say

I don’t own any of the music obviously, full credit goes to the creators of the songs for them.

b o n p

double post sorry

b o n p

triple post sorry