Device Matchmaking on TW and SW

I am an experienced mobile player and for some reason mobile player keep getting queued with PC players it should only be that when somebody is in your party thats a PC player you get queued with mobile and PC players so please add this it makes Mobile players have a PVP Disadvantage against PC players.

platform based match making already exists, what region are you on, may I ask

audible facepalm

Well he’s not lying I’m even mobile but I get queued in with pc players

Sometimes when the game can’t fill it will put other platforms in it I think.

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I’m 69% sure there’s alot of mobile players on the hive

Hey, mobile players queue with controller, however players who attach a keyboard or mouse queue with touch players. If you want more info about Hive Matchmaking click me.

Aren’t mobile players…
and touch players the same?


Asia because i am filipino

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Welcome on the Hive Forums! :honeybee: As said before, we already have PBMM (Platform Based Matchmaking) in all Treasure Wars, SkyWars and Survival Games queues. You can read more about it here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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