Detect when a PE player hits someone or opens a chest. (Sword)

I play both W10, and PE. But when I open chests while PVP, it gives me less of advantage to fight the player.

Hive can’t really do anything about it


How do you open a chest in pvp on windows. You left click not right click


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I mean’t PE not W10.

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They could disable the ability to open chests while holding a weapon, which is a feature on their java server’s sg for some reason.

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i think it’s better this way because in sg if you hit it with a sword it’ll open, and problems happens with the system, like mid-pvp you hit the chest or what ever and it blocks you from even hitting that player

That would be incredibly annoying for non-touch control players. Maybe it could be platform based?

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Just add an option to turn it off

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@mods, I just found this is as a dupe so pls close this. Thanks!