Define [Player Name]

This is a game about using the definitions of words to describe forum members

The rules are simple. When posting you will:

  1. Rate the previous person’s response on a scale from 0 - 10
  2. Give the previous person a definition using a word from the Oxford Dictionary (the dictionary google automatically refers to) WITHOUT saying what word you are using.

If you run into someone who has already been given a definition, try using a new word’s definition to describe them.

Here’s an example:

And you continue! Have fun!

8/10 “in assenting or agreeing”

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Having or showing a lack of common sense or judgement; absurd and foolish.


diamond block but this isn’t the right texture


satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity.

in a satisfactory or pleasing manner; very well.


epic synth wave picture with a ship

0/10 you’re supposed to use the definition from a word, not create your own

Having or revealing natural creative skill

6/10 characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific.