Deathrun WR leaderboard

Some people like to grind for map WRs for DeathRun(I don’t), and others want to know what the world record is.

Well, if there was a leaderboard for each of the fastest times in each map, the record holders get more recognition and more people will know about it.


You can find this here

Fastest times are as follows:

Prison: JustEdner with 47s 724ms
Cave: SirUntouchable with 48s 177ms
Western: _ItzIsaac with 1m 04s 809ms
School: SirUntouchable with 42s 498ms
Zoo: _ItzIsaac with 1m 04s 050ms
Gardens: _ItzIsaac with 1m 01s 486ms
Snowfall: SirUntouchable with 1m 08s 384ms
Viaduct: _ItzIsaac with 1m 11s 645ms
Venice: SirUntouchable with 49s 673ms

Yeah, I think in the DR lobby there should be a sign showing this


Well if there was an official one that was 100% accurate(since some people don’t have the forums or disc), it would be better.

1 Like Apart from Cave, Prison and Western, what are the other maps?

Edit: Nvm they were java maps


@Ryan they would be like all 10 seconds because of hackers xD

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Well if that happens there could be an anticheat that removes anyone 30 seconds or less and bans them. There should also be a verification for leaderboard people.