Deathrun particles don’t work

Deathrun, all maps, NA region

The runners particles are not showing up nor do the leap ones either.

IOS version.

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Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Are you able to see any of the other particles on The Hive?

Yes, I can see the particles in every other game. The only ones that don’t show up are the running particles in deathrun.

The leap ones occasionally show up but not often

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Are you by chance using the small players feature? If so, we disable runner particles to avoid them getting in the way.

No I am not. I checked on another account I have if they work there and they do so I’m guessing it’s just something with my main account and didn’t realize. It must be something glitched with my account or something sorry for putting it on here. A friend said they had the same problem so I thought everyone had it too.

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Could you by chance provide a video?

I had disabled and enabled it a few times and that seemed to work. Thank you.

Awesome, thanks for the update :slight_smile: