Deathrun level 10

I got deathrun level 10, gg, it’s not that good of an achievment, but it’s my first level 10 and that’s sort of a milestone


Good job! :blobheart:



Congratulations! You got level 10! Also, if you’re a beginner at the Hive, that’s okay as my first level 10 took me about a week to get to and I played twice due to school during that week. :partying_face:.

not that much of a begginer, just didn’t play that much consistently before now, and on pc

edit: I mean I only recently started playing hive on pc


That’s fine. I just saw your profile and saw that you had joined two days ago :slight_smile:.

PS: I used to play Hive on PC until I stopped using my dad’s account and converted to Nintendo Switch and now all I play is Nintendo Switch. I might get Windows 10 again soon though.

This probably could have gone in Last one to post wins, but congrats!


thanks, and I don’t really know what that is, but ok

:wave: .

good :handshake: job! :clap:



25% of the way there

More like 5.77% of the way there

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Good job!
My first level 10 was in skywars.

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Congrats! :tada: :beedance: :blobheart: good job :clap:

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ok nice

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Nice job! It takes me forever to level in DeathRun (at least it seems like it). I’m level 31 for now… :beedance: :beedance: :beedance: