Deathrun leap

pls make the leap change by making it to activate in left click. mobile players have a disadvantage cause we slow down to use the leap. it would be fun for us mobile players to sprint jump while using leap.


We actually do need this
I’ve seen other bedrock servers that make potions or pearling for left click too, it shouldn’t be too hard

Awesome idea, welcome to the forums!

Idk how they will add that feature taking forever to left click is mc feature the hive has no control over it

I am on mobile and it’s not hard at all to leap.

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You can’t do it mid air which is a huge disadvantage for mobile plaets

Yes, I can :smiley: It’s really easy to do and learn.

Not because then the computer we are used to right clicking would be quite annoying, and some pc players like to drop meaningless punches to do something with the mouse hand and move their fingers (myself included)

They can just do that while not holding the leap

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You can lol, hold the leap before you jump

For me it won’t let me jump when I’m holding down. Must be my phone idk

To learn this strategy itself is a disadvantage for mobile players

A lot of bedrock servers have this with pearls and splash potions, such as Zeqa, it wouldn’t be hard to do

It took me 5 minutes to learn that?! It seems hard but it’s very easy.

Now mobile players would have an advantage.

I don’t really know why this is an argument. It’s just a continent feature that we can have