Death Run : checkpoints not working properly (and most of all, a suggestion about how to fix it !)

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
Death Run

What is the bug?
I’m sure this issue got reported plenty of times, but this time I would like to bring you a though I had while Death Running. The picture illustrate what can going on in term of programing stuff.

Basically, I combined the missing checkpoints issue with the one where we get killed by TNT even if we passed it with a jump boost. The issue is the fact the program doesn’t calculate properly the position of the player according to the jump boost. For it, the position is like the same, or a bit too late, compared to where the player is actually. The fix would be to look for the calculating process for positions.

The thing is, either it’s on Microsoft side (software itself) or HiveMC side (coding the jump boost). Idk after what could be done, if this is software stuff, to be counterbalanced by server side codes.

Another thought, what about the possible little lags that could disturb the calculating process ? An idea then would be to enlarge the portal zone, to be even more sure the checkpoint is passed ; but that doesn’t solve the TNT issue (that could apply to all traps of this kind as well). For TNT side, an idea would be to minimise a little bit the kill zone, like removing a block or better a half-block side zone at the end of it. This way, even if there is lag, that could offer a safe zone for those who use the feathers.

I hope this suggestion can help move forward this issue in order to be solved ! :+1:

Hey there,

Thanks for submitting another bug report and thank you for the time that you put into this. As I mentioned on your report about TNT explosions, that feature works as intended.

The issue regarding checkpoints sometimes not registering has also already been reported and subsequently logged, I am therefore marking this report as closed.