Death Run Cape Cosmetic Idea at Level 40

The Idea is simple. When you reach level 40 in Deathrun, You can wear Deathrun capes in the hub. This can be changed in the global locker from changing capes, or removing/equipping capes.


Good idea, but I think, instead of level 40, it should be 500 top 3 wins and 50 first place wins

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I feel like it should stay at max level

Especially if the player isn’t good at playing DeathRun, and are grinding for the items

It could also be used for when we finally have 100 levels in DeathRun (not confirm yet)


I do think 100 levels would be to much though, plus, we probably aren’t getting 100 levels any time soon.

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Deathrun is probably the 2nd easiest or easiest game to level up in (After or before hide and seek). I have gone from level 27 to level 37 in about a week (Playing for about 4 hours a day)

I think that when it eventually does get updated, it would probably be to level 75.
Maybe this could be implemented at that level?


penguin know’s what he’s talking about

DR is eventually going to be updated, so I think it should be a feature when lvl 100 is released.

btw, custom capes are allowed on the hive so just get one if you want to wear a cape in the hub.

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Who gonna tell him about console players? :eyes:


BRUH, uk that you can get capes on console too. There’s the Founder’s cape, and you can get many capes from buying skin packs too. You dont HAVE to get a custom cape online

It would still be cool to wear the HIVE deathrun capes in the lobby though

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Not on console :kappa: