Death Messages Upgrade

I know this is quite a bit of work but I feel like this could be a good idea for skywars…
Instead of the same old death messages like “{player} turned {player} into a zombie”, there should be different kinds of death messages. Not unlockable, just default death messages

For example:
“Pigs can’t fly, neither can {player}” when they fall off the map (many messages can be associated with this)
“{player} was sliced and diced by {player}” when they get killed by a sword (there can be many more messages to associate melee weapon kills)
“{player} blew themselves to smithereens” when they accidentally blow themselves up with a boom box by themselves or a lucky ore
“{player} sniped {player}” when they get killed by a bow (same as melee weapon deaths, many messages can be associated with this)
and many more to associate different kinds of kills or oopsies

Just a fun idea that I had :slight_smile:

hey there! this has already been suggested. use the :mag: before making a new thread next time!


ah man, I thought I had an original idea this time around XD

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