Damage on The Hive

Suggestion: Use the vanilla damage system

More info: In TW, if you have the slightest bit of armor fists do no damage to you.

This is quite ridiculous because if you’re in a enclosed room, you can’t kill someone in chain armor even if you combo them extremely hard

If we added the vanilla damage system everything would be broken. The only way people would die is if their armour broke. Which doesn’t happen. (Tested)

Or a different damage system which would allow people to damage armored players using fists.

Why? Your hitting an armoured player with FISTS. Fists are made to do nothing while your in armour. Like hey I’m gonna punch iron or diamond armour with my fists and expect it to hurt this person or dent their armour.


You should at least hurt them by a little, since you won’t be able to do anything to an armored player rushing you if you just respawned other than knocking them off if they block your echest and generator.

It would also stop spawnkilling to a certain extent.

Not really. Spawn-Killing is AGAINST the rules. Its the players fault for doing it. And why do dmg against armoured players? it’s just crap.

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