Custom Sever/Title Suggestion

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I was scrolling through the Swarms Discussion thread and I found that your swarm name can be an option for your hub title. Would it be too overload to have your IGN, hub title, and swarm name above your head? I feel like it would be a big waste to buy a costume for the hub title, then having to decide weather or not you use that, or your swarm name. And, is it even possible? Let me know what you guys think.

so you have your tag like:

GyrrabirdGamer [+]



GyrrabirdGamer [+]
Moo. / Limitless

ceoricon [+]
Hub Title

I don’t think this is currently possible, as I believe hubtitles currently use the same text as scoreboards displayed under your name do, which is only one line. Maybe there’s some way for the hive to change this though.


Isnt it like:
[Swarm name] Ryannio [+]
hub title

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some names and swarms would just be longer than a marathon

I think you either have a hubtitle or your swarm name below your name

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thats what i meant

yes, but i’m pretty sure it only shows your swarm next to your name when youre actually in the base, but i could be wrong.

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I would assume theres a 13-16 letter cap in your swarm name.

The image provided in swarms discussion where boxer was posing is good enough imo

[Clan Bee] ItzChaosHere[YT]
The Golden Legend

It would be crowded if your name, clan name and hub title all were too long

Also, no I am not YT

Haha what do you think this suggestion is for?
It is asking to change that.

Besides we don’t need to worry about this if swarms don’t release.