Custom Join Messages

Unlockable Join Messages

Add unlockable join messages to Hubs for donators, and also unlockable join messages to games for all players.

An example of this is for Hub could be “name is ready to play!” or (For TreasureWars) “name is ready to win some treasure!”.

Similar to Java Edition, this feature allows players to work towards another feature that is simple but fun.

i think this is a good idea
i think they could implement this for all the games, but when they add new levels would be great to add it

(also dont forget to vote for your own suggestion)


I feel like this could be a really fun idea, I wonder if it’ll be implemented :thinking:

This is a thing on Java Edition. This would “bee” a cool idea, but I don’t think we need it.

i never knew those were cosmetics on java. imaginary +1 :slight_smile:

Nice idea!

When SkyWars comes out they could use the join messages from Java SkyWars!