Custom Geometry Files Allowed!

Idea: Currently some skin that have geometry files (which I will now on be referring to as geos now) work on Hive!!! But there are custom ones that dont… Some people make custom skins that USE these custom geos but since custom geos dont work on Hive its impossible to use them on Hive!!! So my suggestion is for custom geometry files to work on The Hive!!!

Now I get it some people may make inappropriate geos and use them but maybe there could be a custom geo skin scanner before people join that scans peoples skins and if they sense any inappropriate geos they could kick the player from the server!!!

Thanks for your time reading!!
See you later!! (And vote if you like the idea):grin::grinning:

A few things: Inappropriate skins already exist without custom geometry. Also, there are custom geo skins that aren’t even cubic and they can crash your game and other peoples’ games. Some custom geos are allowed because they don’t pose much of a risk of crashing the entire server. And finally, people did this at the minecon live thing, but people make custom geo skins really big so people can’t see anything. Overall, I think hive is doing the right thing by limiting custom geo skins, but I do think their restrictions could be loosened a bit.

EDIT: Another thing I just thought of, people could copy hive costumes and wear them using custom geometry, effectively pirating the costume.

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a geo scanner is how hive works, some are allowed and others arent. I personally think its fine the way it is, though there should be some system where a person sends a geo file to a hive staff and they approve it and then make the geo scanner approve it as well.


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Thank you for making a suggestion. While it might be confusing as to why some custom geometry is allowed and some not, we don’t allow custom geometry that obstructs gameplay.

Some skins only have a little bit of geometry, which doesn’t affect gameplay much. Other skins that have a lot of geometry, will be blocked by our skin filter and replaced with one of our Marketplace skins.

You can read more about custom geometry skins here: The Hive - Custom Skin Support


This would let illegal skins be used more often