Current BAN system

The current ban system for DUOS JUST BUILD doesn’t work so well. One of my team-mates will build something that is inappropriate whereas I will build something that actually looks good yet be reported. Will both of us get the ban?


If you join the Discord, you will meet up with the following format:

Player: [insert the reported player here]
Rule(s) Broken: [insert the rule(s) the reported player broke]
Region: [AS, EU, NA]
Comment: [put your comment here, and yes, this is necessary so the report proceeds.]

Though don’t show the picture of the innaproprite build, just say that he was building something innaproprite and upload the report.

Only the reported player will get banned, hope this helps :slight_smile:

No… They are asking if the person reporting puts both of their names down will they both get banned? The person reporting doesn’t know who build it…


Oh ok, then I believe no.

That’s exactly why I’m asking if they will report both of the users who are in the build.

if someone in your match is griefing ur build or making inappropriate things, either rq or get evidence and report them for team griefing


I mean it would kinda be stupid but you could just leave, granted if the inappropriate building person does that you ought to get some goons to, errrr, keep him in check, obviously take the other advice before doing this, but if push comes to shove


I’m sure that as just build is new hive will be working hard to find loop holes in thier system and fix them.

So they are planning to add reporting tools to help with the influx of reports from Just Build.

As of right now if both of your names are on the inappropriate plot then both users are typically punished. If you notice you have a team griefer making something inappropriate the best thing you can do is get evidence, report them, and leave. Once you leave the game your name should no longer be attached to the inappropriate build.

If you are falsely banned please appeal by email [email protected]

I tend to play solo matches or duos with someone I know.
Hope this somewhat helps. :pizza:


@ImPizzas summed this up perfectly, closing this thread :+1: