Cubee Pixel art

I made a cubee pixel art
I tried my best hope y’all like it :beedance:


that looks really good !!


Thanks :beedance: :cubee:

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That looks amazing!!!


amazing! great job!! :cubee:

Thanks :beedance: :cubee: :beedance:

Wow!! That looks epic!

Thanks master burger :hamburger:

nice pixel art it looks great :smiley:

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Look I’m not tryna be mean but

The ppl who got in the buzz did their work for fun and you’re just doing
this to get in the buzz and sorry to say if you make artwork solely to get it in the buzz you won’t get in
I’ve been noticing for the past week that ever since buzz got released many people have been doing art only so that they can get in
Sorry if I have offended you but as Con said
‘Criticism can be hurtful, but you need to take that hurt and learn from it’
ikr he’s so wise


Yeah makes sense I was doing it for fun and to possibly get in the buzz thanks for the constructive criticism :beedance:


I definitely agree with this. People should do the artwork for the fun of it rather than trying to be featured :cubee: I think the people trying to get in the buzz deserve it less than the people who just do it for fun.


Yeah now that u mentioned it I agree do u like the pixel art though

maybe just leave him alone it’s a goal people set goals you don’t need to bring others down just cause and

it doesn’t matter it’s a goal without goals what do you have nothing I don’t get why other think they need to give people criticism anyways and what can he learn from that anyways all people see form that is someone saying something rude just let it alone that’s all just skip past it have good day Tho I’m not trying to be rude or anything sorry if you take it that way but like you said


Cubeeeee :soft_cubee: