Crossteamers in TW

2 players named Dragonblood898 and Super Einhorn10 were crossteaming in TW Mega.

Please use the hives discord to report, and if you don’t have an account create one. And if you’re about to say “BuT I DoN’T HaVe An EmAiL To ReGiStEr.” The account you use for Minecraft is an email just click on your profile and it will show you.

People are allowed to report here if they cannot access discord for whatever reason.

Edit: tHanKs FoR aLl THe LiKEs


Have you ever though that someone’s parents may not allow them to use discord?

christ don’t get so mad at people not using discord, it’s understandable

and what on earth


Hey, thank you for reporting these players. In future, if you are 13 years or older, please join our discord server so you can report any rule breakers. Feel free to message me here on the forums or on discord if you have any questions.

Thread closed.