Cross Teamers in Treasure Wars

Hello there, I was playing some treasure wars with my friend and I came across these two people on opposing teams who were communicating. One was boasting about 3rd part software he uses to help give him an advantage and the other was just talking about click speed. Turns out they were in a huge party and cross teaming. They were between level 50 and 60, with their skill level I believe that’s a boosted account. I play plenty of games on here and there’s so many cheater’s. There’s never any staff on and never any anticheat. It’s rather annoying. It can’t be that hard to set something up where if a player is moving to fast he gets removed? I have video proof of the cross teamers here too if you even read this far.

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Welcome to the forums! Yes, you can report teamers here. The staff will look into them.

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I’ll look into it :+1:t2:

If you’re able to use Discord, though, I would very much recommend reporting there in the future as we can respond to reports a lot faster :slight_smile: