Create a random rap!

The Forum Game where you drop bars for no real reason.
Every line needs a rhyme
Must be clean (no naughty words)
One line at a time
Person 1: I sit on a bench
Person 2: And I look hench
Person 3: Then I go to my workbench
Person 4: To use my wrench
Person 5: And also learn French
Person 6: While sitting in a trench


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How about we make a line for the rap in each post?

for example:

Person one: I sit on a bench
Person two: And I look hench

etc etc

I like my elytra.

I like my umbrella.

sure why not
(20 chars)

This sure rhymes a lot

I eat soup from a pot

let’s give some people lessons, they need to be taught

whoops i got caught

In the middle of my trot

the sun is really hot

The void is empty

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but there’s so many

Or is there any? (20 chars)

You must be ready!

For me to make you spaghetti

I like to fly

However also so do I

time to say goodbye

while eating some pie!