Crafting System

How about a crafting system? It will bring The Hive Skywars more way to play


Hello :wave:
Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, this is a duplicate suggestion. please search for the idea you want to suggest before posting it here to avoid making any duplicate posts.

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You should put the original one in your post or else that isn’t really helpful lag. here is the original link

Hello, Welcome to the forums, and your suggestion is quite impossible.
You see here the hive has skywars but with its own twist, which is random ores, besides what are we gonna craft anyway? ores dont drop minerals, they drop items like armour,gaps,boomboxes, and etc So this suggestion will def be a Solid No by the hive community

laughs in trapdoors, doors, and other wood materials

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The only reason Someone is gonna make that is because of a trap.
but making be able to craft those would lose the specialness of the trap.
(at this point idk what am talkin about LOL)