Couple suggestions before new update

Jolly said he’s still taking suggestions before the upcoming update. These are a couple of things I’ve been thinking of for months now.

  1. Make diamond armor set consist of chestplate and leggings only. Diamond armor is extremely OP in combat; nearly impossible to kill. Removing the helmet and boots will reduce the amount of damage it takes. Of course, players could mix it with iron/chainmail armor but that’s their choice.

  2. Make snowballs less abundant. 2 snowballs for 1 emerald instead of 6. Snowballs have extraordinarily overpowered knockback and combo ability. They should be harder to take advantage of, similar to how the developers made the bow + arrows more expensive.

  3. Add a new block more durable than endstone. I think obsidian may be slightly over the top though. As most of us know, Bedrock has LOTS of younger kids playing, and the obsidian will probably frustrate them. I was experimenting and diamond blocks take about 6 seconds to break with a stone pickaxe, but 1.5 seconds with an iron pickaxe. The developers would have to code them to be uncraftable though.

If I have more ideas to add I will do so unless a developer responds with their judgement.

Don’t worry, you can’t craft in the hive c:


I think 6 snowballs for one emerald is fine if they are not going to fix diamond armor sense snowballs is one of the only effective ways to take out someone in full diamond armor by knocking them off with them, and then even after you do that they can just re-spawn if they still have their treasure and attack you again. In my opinion 3 emeralds for 6 snowballs Instead of 1 wouldn’t be a good idea.


yos on the better block than endstone

ive said it somewhere, a block that can be mined w iron but cant be w stone in mc.

like gold/dia/redstone

this makes it so that iron pick is worth getting and not just the cooler stone.


We will certainly consider these ideas, thank you for the feedback!